Alternate Nostril Breathing



Integrates both sides  of the brain and body

Clears the mind

Improves focus

Calms and energizes





                   This is a kid-friendly version of traditional Alternate Nostril Breathing. Be sure your child does not press down too hard when blocking his nostril so as not to close off the other side as well. To encourage an inward focus, have your child close her eyes. If she has a slightly stuffy nose, this breath may help clear it. However, if her stuffy nose is blocking her air passage completely, skip this exercise until she is feeling better.




Sit or stand up tall. Gently place your right pointer finger over your right nostril to close it. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your left nostril for 3 breaths. Pause and switch to close off your left nostril. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your right nostril for 3 breaths. Continue to switch back and forth for 1 to 3 minutes or more. Notice how you feel.






Whole Brain bream
                       Breathing in through the left nostril stimulates the right “feeling” hemisphere of the brain, and breathing in through your right nostr stimulates the left “thinking” hemisphere of the brain. Alternating the breath between both nostrils integrates both sides of the brain for improved brain function. A couple of minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing before homework time or a test is a great way for your child 







Encourages an inward focus

Connests to inner self

Promotes speech development

Calms and centers

Promotes new perpective






             This breath is presented in three steps, working to bring awareness from the outside, in. After each step, encourage your child to share his experience. Once your child is comfortable with Bumble Bee Breath, have him experiment with breathing out other sounds such as “Zzzzz,” “Ohhhh,” “Shhhh,” “Lill” or “Sssss.” Note that some children can be startled or uncomfortable with how loud their hum becomes when their ears are blocked. To avoid this, encourage your child to simply cup his hands over his ears rather than blocking them with his fingers.





Sit or stand up tall. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose before exhaling out to “Hummmmmm,” as long as possible. Try it again, but this time with your eyes closed. Focus on the humming sound. Notice the vibration created in your lips. Was that a different experience? How so? Now, let’s try it again but with your eyes closed and your ears covered with your hands. Where did your focus go? How do you feel? Shall we try that again?



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