Breathing Exercises

Unless otherwise noted, the following exercises can be practiced sitting in Easy Pose or Hero Pose, sitting up in a chair with feet flat on the floor, standing in Mountain Pose, or in some cases, even lying down. The most important consideration is that your child maintains a position where the lungs and diaphragm have […]

Breath Work

THE IMPORTANCE OF BREATH                   Breathing is arguably the single most important aspect of yoga. You might say yoga is breathing. Of course, breathing is the mechanism that sustains life, It brings much-needed oxygen to our organs, muscles, and cells. But through coinscious breathing, we can actually […]

The Yoga Principles

Yoga is so much more than poses. It is a discipline focused on improving health of the whole person. As with any discipline, yoga includes a set of principles, or guidelines, upon which its philosophy is based. Centuries ago, a great sage named Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras, a sort of “how-to guide” to yoga, […]

When to Share Yoga with Your Child

Though having a special yoga space and time each day to share yoga with your child is a wonderful goal, the reality is that yoga can be shared anywhere at any time. You can practice yoga: In the morning before breakfast.   When your child is tired or drained While in the car Any time […]

Creating the Yoga Space

  Establishing a special place in your home where you and your child can share yoga time will only enhance the experience. The best yoga space in your home will be one that is relatively quiet and distraction free, has nice light, a safe, solid floor, an open wall, and room for a couple of […]