Metabolism and Excretion of Hormones

    The concentration of a hormone in the plasma is also influenced by the rate at which it is metabolized (inactivated) and/or excreted. Inactivation can take place at or near the receptor, or in the liver, the major site for hormone metabolism. In addition, the kidneys can metabolize a variety of hormones, or excrete […]


  The two major homeostatic systems involved in the control and regulation of various functions (cardiovascular, renal, metabolic, etc.) are the nervous and endocrine systems. Both are structured to sense information, organize an appropriate response, and then deliver the mes-sage to the proper organ or tissue. Often the two systems work together to maintain homeostasis, […]

Hormonal Responses to Exercise

As presented in part, the fuels for muscular exercise include muscleglycogen and fat, plasma glucose and free fatty acids, and to a lesser extent, amino acids. These fuels must be provided at an optimal rate for activities as diverse as the 400 meter run and the 26 mile, 385 yard marathon, or performance will suffer. […]

Graduate Study And Research In The Physıology Of Exercıse

While the Harvard Fatigue Laboratory was closing in 1947, the country was on the verge of a tremendous expansion in the number of universities offering grad-uate study and research opportunities in exercise physiology. A 1950 survey showed that only 16 col-leges or universities had research laboratories in departments of physical education (18). By 1966, 151 […]

Physical Education To Exercise Science

Physical Education To Exercise Science

  Undergraduate academic preparation in physical education has changed over the past four decades to reflect the explosion in the knowledge base related to the physiology of exercise, biomechanics, and exercise prescription. This occurred at a time of a reduced need for school-based physical education teachers and an increased need for exercise professionals in the […]

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a popular topic today. and its popularity has been a major factor in motivating college students to pursue careers in physical education, physiology of exercise, health education, nutrition, physical therapy, and medicine. In 1W. the Public Health Service listed “physical fitness and exercise- as one of fifteen areas of concern related to […]

Glossary – A

absolute V02 the amount of oxygen consumed over a given time period; expressed as liters • min- I. acidosis an abnormal increase in blood hydrogen ion concentration (i.e., arterial pH below 7 35). acids compounds capable of giving up hydrogen ions into solution. acromegaly a condition caused by hypersecretion of growth hormone from the pituitary […]