What is metabolism? How does it work?

What is Metabolism and Why is it Important? Metabolism is the amount of energy that is required to sustain the basic functions of the body. Your body constantly burns calories during eating, sleeping, cleaning and similar activities. Metabolism is influenced by body composition. These compositions are the proportion of muscle and fat tissues in the […]

How is fat burning possible?

How should I avoid heart burning to burn fat? Heart beat (heart rate-HR), heart rate is the number of beats per minute. It is usually found by counting the number of strokes within a certain period of time, by gently touching the left temple or inner wrist. In practice, the wrist or temple is touched […]

Poses and Partner Poses

WORKING WITH POSES   Movement is the basis for physical and cognitive development. Babies begin with body language as their first form of communication. Over time, with experimentation and an open area to move their bodies, babies learn to roll over, crawl and then walk, grasp objects, and later even throw a ball. Today, we […]

Breathing Practices; Stop And Smell The Flowers

Stop And Smell The Flowers Benefits Calms Expends the lungs Cleanses     WHAT TO DO Try using real or artificial flowers sprayed with Magic Mist (Sharing Yoga With Children: What to know) with your youngest child for this exercise. Encourage your child to practice smelling the flowers slowly, taking his time to really fill […]

Flying Brid and Dog Breath for Yoga

Benefits Calms and centers Promotes body awareness Encourages poise and grace WHAT TO DO   Flying Bird Breath is a simple, calming breath appropriate for all ages. It can be practiced sitting, standing, or even while slowly walking. As you lift and lower your arms, you’ll be ensuring a slow pace and providing a helpful […]

Balloon and Candle Breath

BALLOON BREATH   Benefits Improves focus Promotes clarity Calms and centers   WHAT TO DO When leading your child in Balloon Breathing, use your hand to demonstrate the way the belly should rise and fall. Using your hands will also provide a visual guide to the pace at which your child should be inhaling and […]


  Is your child overstimulated, anxious, or upset? Does your child need to dispel some excess energy? These calming, integrating breath exercises are perfect tor opening 0r closing the yoga sessions with your child, before nap or bedtime, when your child is feeling frustrated, or before starting homework.   COUNT DOWN TO CALM Benefits Relieves […]

Bunny, Power and Lıon’s Breath

Bunny Breath Benefits Refreshes and energizes Clears the mind     WHAT TO DO   It’s a fine line between energizing our bodies and minds and overoxygenating them. When practicing Bunny Breath, only allow your child to do three to five breaths. As well, be sure your child sighs audibly to exhale so that you […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Benefits   Integrates both sides  of the brain and body Clears the mind Improves focus Calms and energizes     WHAT TO DO                      This is a kid-friendly version of traditional Alternate Nostril Breathing. Be sure your child does not press down too hard when blocking […]

Breathing Exercises

Unless otherwise noted, the following exercises can be practiced sitting in Easy Pose or Hero Pose, sitting up in a chair with feet flat on the floor, standing in Mountain Pose, or in some cases, even lying down. The most important consideration is that your child maintains a position where the lungs and diaphragm have […]