Does Pilates lengthens size?


Pilates does not stretch the length, does not stretch the bones, but because it changes the way the muscles work, the muscles feel more extended when they contribute to supporting the spine.

The gaps between the joints are opened and relaxed, and in this sense they stand upright and feel like their neck is prolonged.

But in physical terms, there is no question of a length extension.

If you give an example, stretch your arm forward, your hands and fingers hang downward and look like loose and elongated like the same hand before making pilates. Now extend your fingers forward and now look longer and steep, your fingers not being prolonged.


If I quit the exercise, will my body relax?

If you stop exercising, you will be back in 12 weeks.
It is inevitable to lose both the exercise and weight loss after the diet is broken.


What exercises should we avoid?


When exercised incorrectly and out of the limits of kinesiology, all exercises can cause injury. For your safety, do the moves correctly, do not rush, be balanced and controlled. At the beginning of the actions to be considered and avoided are the following:
• Full shuttles (“crunch” instead of shuttle)
• High rowings can cause shoulder problems and pain.
• Deep pullovers can cause shoulder problems.
• Try to lift a weight that is ahead of the body in an immediate and uncontrolled manner.
If you feel pain during exercise, do not go on.


Should we do training’re sick?

If the disease is above the neck there is no objection to exercise (such as sinusitis, headache, sore throat). But if your illness is caused by too much workout, you should rest for a few days of your body to recover.


More do not develop, what should I do?

At this point, there are four things that need to be checked first:
1. You may be doing a lot of workouts. In this case, try resting for a week and if it starts again, keep it running for the first one or two weeks and evaluate your work.
2. You must be sure that your journals are nourishing. If you do not give your body the resources to renew itself, you never develop.
3. Your body may be accustomed to doing the same exercises in every study. You can prevent this by changing the exercises and the system you are applying.
4. You may have reached the genetic peak. Not everyone can have 50 cm arms or reach a world record athletic level.
As a result, when you hit a developmental plat- form, breaks and rests at work, making your feeds right and reinforced, changing your exercise program and system will lead to new ways of improvement.


What should I do for proper abdominal muscles?
What should I do to get a flat snow or to get rid of the oil in any part of my body?
Before giving you the answer to this, it is important to know that it is the main rule and that you should never forget:
“It’s never possible to lose weight only in the area you want.”
In males, fat is usually stored in the waist region, and in women, in the hip region. An exercise or magic cream to melt a fat in a certain area has not yet emerged. There is no aesthetic intervention procedure other than “liposuction” in this respect. The oils are first stored in these areas we are talking about, and finally leave this area.
The way to have a flat abdomen and stomach, or shaped paws, goes through a low-fat diet and regular aerobic exercise, fitness and bodybuilding and reinforcement. Forms, side, inside and back leg exercises, and other forms of body building and strengthening exercises will help reduce the fat layers in the stomach and waist region as well as the muscles to make the hips and legs, stomach and abdominal muscles look tighter and more rigid.



How is fat burning possible?


What is metabolism? How does it work?