How is fat burning possible?

How should I avoid heart burning to burn fat?

Heart beat (heart rate-HR), heart rate is the number of beats per minute. It is usually found by counting the number of strokes within a certain period of time, by gently touching the left temple or inner wrist. In practice, the wrist or temple is touched with the finger for 15 seconds and multiplied by 4. With another explanation; Your heart rate (HR) is 60 per minute, if you can count your heart rate to 10 within ten seconds, starting from zero.
The determination of your maximum heart rate (HRR) during an aerobic exercise is important in terms of the purpose of the study and its efficiency. This number is calculated as follows: 220 – the age formula is used for this account. According to this formula, a person 20 years old should have a “maximum heart rate” of 200 and a person of 50 years old should be 170.


Your heart rate during aerobic exercise (HR); Maximum heart rate count (MHR) x 50% to MHR x 80%. This range is called “Training Effect Zone”. According to this account, the pulse (HR) of someone who is 20 years old should be between 100 and 160. On top of that, a pulse rate does not provide any more aerobic benefits.


The best results in terms of aerobic and fat burning can be obtained by keeping your pulse (HR) at the aerobic limit for at least 12 minutes. If you extend this time and increase the working frequency so much, it will be quicker and more efficient to achieve the desired result.


How long do we have to work to burn fat?

An aerobic work should last at least 12 minutes. This includes the time during which the pulse is within the useful training limits, not the time spent in warming and cooling movements. As you increase the duration and working frequency, you will get to your desired destination more quickly.
Naturally, here, the question of 12 minutes will come to mind. According to Covert Bailey; This is the time it takes the body to produce fat-burning enzymes. This number may change, but the main thing is to use your body to turn the oil into energy. According to this essence, in 5-10 minutes, burning carbohydrates are decreasing while the percentage of burned fat in the body increases.
The main thing here is that the body can burn more fat after a 30 minute run.


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