In spite of steady appearances, Victoria Beckham demands she’s not so “hopeless” as she looks


In spite of having a standout amongst the most extremely popular ‘resting b**** appearances’ on the planet, Victoria Beckham demands she’s not as hopeless as she looks.

Also, on the off chance that she was, it would’ve finished her marriage to soccer star and model David at this point, she says.

The previous Spice Girl and now mold fashioner has a fabulous time at her well known frown in a meeting with Holland’s Vogue magazine.



Victoria Beckham says she’s very happy — particularly when it comes to her marriage and family. Picture: Instagram

“On the off chance that I truly was as hopeless as I look in some of those paparazzi pictures, my youngsters wouldn’t be as cheerful as they seem to be,” Beckham expressed.

Clowning, she included: “And I positively wouldn’t be hitched any longer.”

Her propensity not to grin has nothing to do with keeping away from wrinkles either, with Beckham saying she is exceptionally alright with maturing.

“I’m not impeccable, (I) don’t need to appear as though I’m 25. I’m 43, that sounds more awful than it feels. I concentrate on what I’ve achieved and I feel honored.”

Notwithstanding her broadly chilly represents, the bustling mum said her life was brimming with bliss and she and hubby David “have a ton of fun together”.

The key to the achievement of her 18-year marriage is an emphasis on satisfaction, she told the magazine, and keeping up a solid concentrate all alone wellbeing and wellness benefits the entire family.

She and David have four kids together — Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

“I go for a three mile run each morning, and I work out for 60 minutes with a PT, which gives me simply enough time to get to the kitchen to puree Romeo’s avocados,” she jested.

“His toast hops out of the toaster the moment he descends for breakfast.”

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