Marnie Simpson threatens to reignite war with Stephanie Davis as she slams latest Twitter meltdown

Marnie Simpson has ventured up her crusade against foe Stephanie Davis in a rankling assault that trains in on the youthful mum’s current Twitter emergency at Jeremy McConnell .

Writing in her magazine segment, Geordie Shore star Marnie impacted Steph for airing her battle so freely and advised her to get offer assistance.


“So Stephanie has tweeted about Jeremy once more,” she said in her Star segment.

“I stress she’s having a breakdown. I don’t feel frustrated about her, I simply think both of them should quit dropping out so freely and get some assistance in private, on the grounds that nobody needs to see that s**t.”

Stephanie Davis claims Jeremy McConnell ‘gave her a STI and has NEVER paid kid support’

It came after Stephanie set out on a Twitter tirade prior this month in the wake of seeing photos of her on-off ex Jeremy on a night out with Love Island star Shannen Reilly McGrath.

“Jeremy McConnell calls her the DIRTIEST SLAGGG in Ireland.. al the fellows detest her..? be that as it may, anything 4 a pap shot of cash right? makes me yell,” she tweeted then immediately erased.


A hour prior, Steph had propelled into a series of assertions and impacted the father of her seven-month-old infant kid, Caben-Albi, for supposedly never paying for him.

“How individuals are so biased. He has NEVER paid kid upkeep!! For his own particular child! Lived in my home RENT FREE!!” she guaranteed.

The 24-year-old at that point referenced Jeremy’s appalling family foundation, which saw him lose his mum, sister and sibling in a brief timeframe outline when he was only 15.

“Individuals may free there relatives, that doesn’t give them the privilege to do what he has done!! Again and again! He’s done NO AFTER CARE,” she tweeted.

She at that point raised claims that he had ambushed her and brought up that he’d backslid on cocaine – something Jeremy himself conceded before this mid year.

In a restrictive discussion with Mirror Online after the Twitter storm, an enthusiastic Stephanie told how she’d persevered year and a half of hellfire as she was compelled to manage her pregnancy alone and with Jeremy’s wild desire and fight with cocaine.

The most exceedingly bad minute came in March 2017 when her infant child, at that point two months old, was raced to doctor’s facility with difficulties emerging from his meningitis inoculation.

“Caben had breathing challenges. Jeremy came over and we talked and he said he was settled, however then disclosed to me he was backpedaling to Ireland for a companion’s leaving drinks,” Stephanie uncovered, her voice breaking.

“I stated, ‘That is fine, quite recently let me know when you return home safe’, however I didn’t get notification from him until the following evening.

“I at that point got messages saying evidently I’d taken Caben to an alternate healing center to be with another person, that I should be engaging in extramarital relations in a doctor’s facility and he could demonstrate it on the grounds that the covers were an alternate shading.

Stephanie Davis: ‘I see straight through Marnie Simpson ‘s Big Brother amusement – she’s attempting to make Lewis Bloor desirous’


“It was totally ludicrous, yet he has these maniacal scenes on coke where he’s so suspicious about everything.”

Stephanie and Marnie likewise have a past filled with killing at each other on the web and through the press, after Steph blamed her adversary for having a sham association with Lewis Bloor and attempting to be her.

Accordingly, Marnie marked Stephanie “misdirected” and “a wreck”.

A rep for Stephanie Davis gave no remark about Marnie’s most recent remarks.

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