Nutrition and Performance

In  we indicated t he recommended manage of nutrient intekes:
■ Adults should get =15% to 65%  of their calories from carbohydrates, 20% to 35% from fat, and 10% to %30 from protein. This simple statement is important because it sets the stage for a discussion of what athletes should and do eat to support vigorous training programs and pro-vide the fuel for the diverse performances that make up competitive athletics.

Carbohydrate The recommended range for carbohydrate intake is quite broad to meet the needs of the whole popula-tion and allow one to address special needs linked to a reduced capacity for using carbohydrates (e.g., type 2 diabetics). Because carbohydrate oxidation makes up a larger percentage of total energy pro-duction as exercise intensity increases, it should be no surprise that most athletes need more carbohy-drate than the average Person. Both Brotherhood (12i and Sherman ( 1 1 1 ) report that the average percentage of carbohydrate in an athlete’s diet is only about 50%, which is surprisingly low given the importance of carbohydrate in prolonged moderate to heavy exercise . This section con-sicers the use of carbohydrates in the days prior to a performance and, secondly, during the performance itself.



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