Poses and Partner Poses

WORKING WITH POSES   Movement is the basis for physical and cognitive development. Babies begin with body language as their first form of communication. Over time, with experimentation and an open area to move their bodies, babies learn to roll over, crawl and then walk, grasp objects, and later even throw a ball. Today, we […]

Bunny, Power and Lıon’s Breath

Bunny Breath Benefits Refreshes and energizes Clears the mind     WHAT TO DO   It’s a fine line between energizing our bodies and minds and overoxygenating them. When practicing Bunny Breath, only allow your child to do three to five breaths. As well, be sure your child sighs audibly to exhale so that you […]

Measurement Of Work And Power

  Bench Step    The term ergometry refers to the measurement of work output. The word ergometer refers to the appai ratus or device used to measure a specific type of) work. Many types of ergometers are in use today in exercise physiology laboratories ( figure ).       Figure  Illustrations of four different ergometers used […]

Work And Power Defıned

Work Work is defined as the product of force multiplied by distance: Work = force X distance The SI unit for force is Newtons (N), whereas the SI unit for distance is meters (m). Consider the following example to compute work during a weight-lifting exer-cise. If you lifted a 10-kilogram (Kg) weight upward over the […]

Physical Education To Exercise Science tuffgirlfitness.net

Physical Education To Exercise Science

  Undergraduate academic preparation in physical education has changed over the past four decades to reflect the explosion in the knowledge base related to the physiology of exercise, biomechanics, and exercise prescription. This occurred at a time of a reduced need for school-based physical education teachers and an increased need for exercise professionals in the […]

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Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a popular topic today. and its popularity has been a major factor in motivating college students to pursue careers in physical education, physiology of exercise, health education, nutrition, physical therapy, and medicine. In 1W. the Public Health Service listed “physical fitness and exercise- as one of fifteen areas of concern related to […]