The Beyhive Is on High Alert Over Speculation That Beyoncé Has Gone Into Labor

Has Beyoncé at long last started giving birth for the entry of her twins?

Nobody can truly affirm anything since Queen B and Jay Zdo a phenomenal occupation of ensuring literally nothing about their lives is spilled to the general population (prompt the unexpected Beyoncé visual collection drop).

In any case, it’s imperative to note that—on account of a Shade Room report—the Beyhive has been wildly humming over hypothesis that their ruler may have been admitted to the clinic and gone into labor…and let’s be realistic, nobody knows superior to those fiercely committed fans.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you had any uncertainty, you can wager their hypothesis accompanies receipts:





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Armada of Escalades Photographed Leaving the Couple’s Los Angeles Home: Photogs caught all-dark Escalade SUVs leaving Bey and Jay’s neighborhood yesterday and driving straight to a L.A.- based clinic.

She’s Been Admitted to a L.A.- Based Hospital: Several reports say the vocalist has been admitted to a L.A.- based healing facility where she likely checked in less than a nom de plume keeping in mind the end goal to keep the media from following her down.


Security Has Ramped Up: With hypothesis that Bey has been admitted to a healing facility some place in L.A., the paparazzi has started swarming a portion of the areas she’s accepted to be remaining. With more paparazzi comes greater security, obviously. A few sources even reveal to us she’s made a request to have whole healing facility floors cleared keeping in mind the end goal to ensure her security.

Her Hairstylist Posted an Interesting Photo: Celebrity hair master, Chuck Amos, took to Instagram on Tuesday to impart a photograph to Bey, stating, “Keep it together, Mama!” close by a heart to express his adoration for her. A large portion of the artist’s fans trust this could be an empowering message while she’s in the process of giving birth.

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