What is Circuit Training?



All of my clients do high intensity circuit training for resistance workouts. Inside the circuits is a mix of plyometric (jump), body weight and hypertrophy (muscle & strength building) training. I choose to use the combination of these styles of training because in my experience:
• You should always include multiple styles of training to cover all aspects of your body
• It is a form of fun high intensity training
• It burns lots of calories
• It promotes large positive hormonal response
• It is fantastic for fitness
• It challenges both the mind and body



What is Circuit Training?

      Circuit training is a style of training that usually involves two or more exercises that are performed in a set amount of repetitions (reps). Typically a timer is set and you repeat these exercises (in their rep amounts) one after the other for that set period of time.

For example a beginner circuit could be 10 squats and 10 push-ups repeatedly for 3 minutes.

My program consists of 7-minute circuits with 4 exercises in each. The rep ranges vary depending on the exercise, as well as how far through the training program you are. This means you will have 4 exercises to repeat within 7 minutes. When the timer goes off you have a break. Do your best to exercise for the whole 7 minutes, only resting after the timer has gone off.
Each workout will consist of two rounds of two different circuits.


This in total means 4 x 7 minute rounds = 28 minutes. In-between each circuit you can have 30-90 seconds rest as you need. Drink water between rounds as you feel is necessary, but not too much, as this may make you feel sick.





• You must be warmed up before starting
• Equipment (as used in the exercise photos)
• All exercises need to be read and understood
• A timer (I use my iphone)


NOTE: I recommend going for a 5-minute fast walk prior to training. Being warm helps to lubricate joints, keep muscles safe for exercise and decrease injury risk.
Due to the high intensity of this training, I do not recommend these workouts for absolute beginners. As stated on my website, these circuits are designed for people who have a very basic level of cardio fitness.


If you do not have this, it is not uncommon that your first few attempts may result in slight dizziness from this type training.
STOP: If you are a beginner and have purchased this book against my recommendation, please be sure to do 2-3 weeks of regular walking to build up a foundation of cardio fitness first.



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