What is metabolism? How does it work?

What is Metabolism and Why is it Important?

Metabolism is the amount of energy that is required to sustain the basic functions of the body. Your body constantly burns calories during eating, sleeping, cleaning and similar activities.
Metabolism is influenced by body composition. These compositions are the proportion of muscle and fat tissues in the body to each other. Muscles use more calories than fat in the body. People with muscular bodies have faster metabolisms because they have less body fat. Take, for example, two people of the same height and weight. Those who regularly use aerobic work, body building, fitness and other similar programs have a lower body fat percentage. Since the other is not doing any sportive activity, the body fat rate is higher than the other person and therefore the metabolism rate is slow. In other words, the second person needs to spend more calories in order for the first person to maintain their body functions.

For this reason, accelerating metabolism with regular exercise and ensuring that body functions are more perfect is the most important health measure.

If you have a slow metabolism, chills, dry skin, slow pulse, low blood pressure, etc. You are also accepting many illnesses as well.



What should I do to get a flat snow or to get rid of the oil in any part of my body?

Before giving you the answer to this, it is important to know that it is the main rule and that you should never forget:
“It’s never possible to lose weight only in the area you want.”
In males, fat is usually stored in the waist region, and in women, in the hip region. An exercise or magic cream to melt a fat in a certain area has not yet emerged. There is no aesthetic intervention procedure other than “liposuction” in this respect. The oils are first stored in these areas we are talking about, and finally leave this area.


The way to have a flat abdomen and stomach, or shaped paws, goes through a low-fat diet and regular aerobic exercise, fitness and bodybuilding and reinforcement. Forms, side, inside and back leg exercises, and other forms of body building and strengthening exercises will help reduce the fat layers in the stomach and waist region as well as the muscles to make the hips and legs, stomach and abdominal muscles look tighter and more rigid.




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